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Did you know that Barcelona declared itself as a veg-friendly city in March 2016, being the first in the world to do so?

Yep, we took it very seriously and we didn’t stop until we made it to the top 10 vegan-friendly cities worldwide. Not bad, huh?

So yes, big high five because you’ve just landed in the right place for discovering new vegan flavours!

The philosophy

We are vegan, and travelers like you, and we know how important is the planning stage when preparing a trip. And even more if we want to stick to our philosophy of life when we are far away from a familiar environment.

That was the reason why Vegan Tours Barcelona was born: with the desire to make your traveling life easier and saving you hours of research, so you can embrace every single vegan bite that the city has to offer.

We put all our soul, heart, and passion, including our knowledge and consciousness, for the sake of creating the kinder experiences in Barcelona. Because we strongly believe there is a more ethical and sustainable way of participating in tourism: enjoying everything that a city like Barcelona can give you while supporting local businesses within the different neighborhoods and quarters.

Why us?

What suits you the most?

All the experiences

Emily & Amanda
Seattle, US

We loved this tour and hope you will too!

Sandra was wonderful, she brought us to some amazing restaurants for delicious tapas, including the Mercat de Santa Caterina! She was also very knowledgeable about Barcelona and took us on a historic tour of the city. After the tour was over she gave us further vegan and vegetarian recommendations for Barcelona and other cities on our trip. We loved this tour and hope you will too!

I loved...

1. The very personal atmosphere due to the tiny size of the group
2. The combination of historical facts about the city and food
3. The variety of tapas
4. The very informative mini guide
Brigitte & family
Vancouver, Canada

All the family enjoyed it

We really enjoyed this afternoon spent with you, tasting the food of course (mostly places we wouldn't have otherwise found ourselves!) and learning about the local history and culture with you. Just wishing we had gotten you to talk more!
Brian, Lisa, David, Alisa, Joel, Fran
Los Angeles, US

Fabulous tour!

Sandra is warm, engaging, extremely knowledgeable, and fun.
We learned a lot about Barcelona, ate delicious tapas, and had a great time! I highly recommend Sandra and this walking tour.
Tenerife, Spain

Amazing experience 🙂

Sandra is a friendly local girl who has a wealth of knowledge about the city and its vegan options. She showed us some of the best plant-based restaurants and cafes and even introduced us to traditional Spanish/Catalonian dishes that had been adapted to a vegan version. The tour was so much fun and a great way to experience the city from a different perspective!