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Vegan Traditional Showcooking

Ready for learning and tasting?

What a better way to dive into a kinder version of Spanish and Catalan gastronomy than with our vegan showcooking proposal plus tasting!

Food is the mirror of local history, culture, and traditions. And we will be delighted to share all those mix of flavours with you in order to treat yourself and bring your experience in Barcelona to an upper level.

Your cooking teacher will demonstrate how easy is to veganize some of the most common and typical Spanish and Catalan dishes. She will elaborate a 4 course meal, consisting in two Spanish appetizers, a main Catalan dish, and the cherry on top will be also a typical Catalan dessert. Once the class is finished, you will be able to taste all the dishes.

To make it effortless for you, all the ingredients we are going to use are very affordable and easy to find everywhere, so you can impress your guests once back home with all you have learned. And as a part of the experience, we will also provide you a printed booklet with the recipes to be able to take all the notes you want on!

Email us with your preferred dates and group size, and you will hear back very shortly with all the details.

We normally need at least 8 people to run a showcooking. If you have any food intolerance, let us know in advance.


Menu proposal

Some ingredients may vary upon the season to ensure the freshest and flavorful results.

What is included

* A glass of vermouth (aromatized wine) and flavoured water with fresh mint and lemon.

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