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About Vegan Tours

Behind the scenes

Sandra, from @viajerosreverdes

I’m Sandra, graphic and Web designer, photographer and vegan traveler, co-author of the Vegan Travel Guide for Intrepid and Responsible Globetrotters (in Spanish), and also the one behind the travel blog Viajeros Reverdes, created in 2013.

I’ve lived in Wales, Thailand, Poland, Menorca, and Barcelona. In 2010, I embraced a vegan philosophy, recognizing it as the path to fostering a kinder and more respectful relationship with the world.

As a curious learner and a devoted ramen lover, I identify myself as an enthusiast of Asia—perhaps a result of past lives. I advocate for slow travel and share concerns about the impact of tourism on local communities, both economically and environmentally. I am committed to traveling in the most responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner possible.

Exploring and sharing information about top-notch vegan places, as well as sharing tips and tricks with like-minded travelers who harbor similar concerns and uncertainties, has consistently been a central passion of mine.

Top collaborators

Mar, creator from @theveganhousebcn

I’m Mar, a cat lover and a vegan for over 12 years. I run The Vegan House Barcelona, where I showcase the vegan dishes and recipes I create, along with the restaurants I explore. 

My goal is to illustrate that veganism can be delicious, joyful, and healthy.