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Our vegan tours are crafted by fellow vegans for both non-vegans and vegans alike who wish to keep their lifestyle on the road without missing any hint of flavor in one of the world’s top 10 vegan cities: Barcelona.

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This was definitely the best food tour I have participated in so far! (and I am not vegan!)

And to top it up, this was not just a food tour. Sandra took extreme care of us and introduced us to the unique history of Barcelona as a city and showed us some really interesting landmarks. She was very kind and genuine and it was really lovely to spend the day with her. I could not recommend her tour more - thank you! 🙂
Nate & Emily

Sandra was an amazing guide and we couldn’t recommend her food tour more

We really appreciated how the all the stops focused on vegan Catalonian dishes so that we came away both full and having tried food unique to Barcelona. On top of that Sandra was lovely to spend a day with. It’s clear from the moment you meet her how thoughtful and genuine she is. She goes the extra effort to help you feel connected to Barcelona city, it’s food, and the people. A great way to spend a day, thank you Sandra!
Nofar & Dima

The highlight of the whole trip!

The food was DELICIOUS, we were so full at the end of it we felt we needed to roll our way back to our apt lol. Last and most importantly, Sandra is the perfect tour girl! She was so so nice, so welcoming, honestly - it was the perfect tour and I'm very grateful for it and for Sandra 🙏
Angeline & Thomas

Sandra is super friendly, passionate about photography and very knowledgeable!

Sandra is super friendly, passionate about photography and very knowledgeable. She will share about how we can see from different perspectives so that we are able to take better photos! Most importantly, she made it very fun and was patient in explaining to us how the different elements and lines will bring our attention to the details in the photos. Highly recommended! She speaks good English too which is a huge plus since we don’t speak any Spanish. We also learn a lot about Spain from her!
Orla & Murray
United Kingdom

Highly recommended!

So much more than the food! Although the vegan tapas were delicious, and worth the walk, Sandra's passion and knowledge of Barcelona as well as food is what made the tour so special. Highly recommended!
Emily & Amanda
Seattle, US

We loved this tour and hope you will too!

Sandra was wonderful, she brought us to some amazing restaurants for delicious tapas, including the Mercat de Santa Caterina! She was also very knowledgeable about Barcelona and took us on a historic tour of the city. After the tour was over she gave us further vegan and vegetarian recommendations for Barcelona and other cities on our trip. We loved this tour and hope you will too!

I loved...

1. The very personal atmosphere due to the tiny size of the group
2. The combination of historical facts about the city and food
3. The variety of tapas
4. The very informative mini guide
Brigitte & family
Vancouver, Canada

All the family enjoyed it

We really enjoyed this afternoon spent with you, tasting the food of course (mostly places we wouldn't have otherwise found ourselves!) and learning about the local history and culture with you. Just wishing we had gotten you to talk more!
Brian, Lisa, David, Alisa, Joel, Fran
Los Angeles, US

Fabulous tour!

Sandra is warm, engaging, extremely knowledgeable, and fun.
We learned a lot about Barcelona, ate delicious tapas, and had a great time! I highly recommend Sandra and this walking tour.